About Founder

As a Canadian born  Chinese, grown up in foreign country where people came from many countries. Came from a city where people speaks French and English, Hes always been influenced by mixed culture from people around the world.

After graduation, Zhuo has decided to be a backpacker going travel the world for the first time with his life-timed friend Alex, starting from Asia. He knew it’s would be exciting, fear, happiness and curiosity.

After traveling the world for 4  years, he founded something in Cambodia by chance that he has no idea about Cambodia is one of the most bomb country so in late 2018 early 2016 he decided to establish LKA which specializes in up-cycling weapons  into jewelry while working with fair-trade cooperatives association, organization and others and launched first collection successfully.

With the past connected to the present idea of  creativity, the project is driven by the fundamental ideal that something negative can be transformed for change, turning an object that traditionally symbolizes death into a piece full of life.

” I am Zhuohua Yu, believing in yourself is the first secret to success, everything is possible ”.

25, June 2019 in Quebec, Canada
By Yu Zhuohua